Friday, January 25, 2008

I Print From Home!

E.T. had "E.T. Phone Home." Today's digital photographers have "I Print From Home."

I just received some prints from , a relatively-local business in Buffalo, NY. They made me four 12x18 prints on silver-halide (AgX!) Kodak Endura paper (digital chromogenic prints, C-prints, traditional prints, choose your favorite moniker). I sent them two files and had them print a glossy (F surface) and a metallic version of each. This was my "trial run" to see how they do -- print quality, shipping time, etc.

And... I was quite impressed! The prints came in a flat box, well padded with bubble wrap and sandwiched in corrugated cardboard, which left them perfectly flat with no dinged corners or anything to disturb their perfect, shiny surface. The shipping was great, 1-day via UPS, which makes sense as they are only about 70 miles away.

They also sent me their "sample pack" of glossy, matte, metallic photo papers and their fine art inkjet paper, as well as a 35mm slide, printed with a test target, faces, grays etc. I'm pleased, and I'll probably order from them again!

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